Artists in the collective exhibition PRIVATE MOMENTS. New Japanese photography






Born in Osaka in 1971 and currently living in Tokyo, were he runs his own gallery, the Totem Pole Photo Gallery. So far he has published 4 books with his photographs. He has also won the 35th Taiyo Award.


His photos featured in the exhibition belong to the Ariphoto series, started by the photographer when he opened his own gallery. He photographs the heart of Tokyo, the lives of those left behind by society who are, nevertheless, part of the metropolis. This series keeps growing, and new images of the changing city are exposed 3 or 4 times a year.





Born in Barcelona in 1978 from a Japanese mother and a Spanish father, she currently lives in Tokyo, where she studied history and Japanese contemporary art and later joined the Nippon Photography Institute. She has worked at the Commissions Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.


Paula has recently exhibited her work at Axis Gallery, Tokyo. At present she is on an “artist-in-residence” stay in Reykjavik, Iceland.


In this exhibition we can see two of her photographs. “Interior of a building in Motobu, Okinawa” belongs to a series in which she reflects on the singularity of Okinawa. She shows objects belonging to the everyday life of the island, resembling an archaeologist that gathers traces of past lives in order to understand lost civilizations. The other picture is “Self-portrait”, where fragmented photographs, taken at separate times, become one single image in the eye of the viewer.





Born in Tokyo in 1983 and graduated from Shakujii School for the Deaf.


He received a special mention (2009) and an award (2010) at the Canon New Cosmos of Photography, exhibiting afterwards in a number of collective exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka. Recently he has exhibited solo at the Able Art Gallery in Tokyo.


His pictures are clearly dominated by light. As he puts it: “each life has a light passing through. That is the light that I want to capture with my pictures”





Born in Saitama but living in Tokyo at present. He works as a photographer for magazines and advertising.


Winner of an award and two special mentions at the Canon New Cosmos of Photography. Finalist at the Phillip Morris Art Award 2000. In 2011 he took part in the collective exhibition Tokio6 along with other photographers featured in this exhibition.


He is represented in the exhibition with two pictures from his Eight series.





Born in Hikone in 1970 and graduated from the Photography Department at Tokyo Polytechnic University. He currently works as a fashion photographer.


His work has been exhibited in different galleries in Tokyo, and he has also taken part in a collective exhibition in the UK. His Deguchi series was displayed at the Nikon Salon gallery in 2010. In 2011 he was part of the Tokio6 collective exhibition together with other photographers featured in this exhibition.


In this exhibition we can see two photos from his Deguchi – 出口 (exit) series, a group of portraits of youngsters living in Tokyo. Each one of them puts up with stress in a different way, but they all have a special place to go when they feel depressed that helps them to reset. This series portrays such a place dedicated to emotional “reset”. The picture heading this piece is one of Minoru’s photos featured in the exhibition.





Born in Kagoshima in 1975. She graduated in fine arts from Kyoto University, where she specialized in photography.


She has been featured in both solo and collective exhibitions in several Japanese galleries. She has also taken part in several collective exhibitions in other countries such as the USA, Australia or Denmark. In 2011 she also participated in the collective exhibition Tokio6.


InJapón, instantes privados she contributes two pictures from different series: A portrait of Maruyacco, a dancer from Tokyo Ca Bunny Club, and “Pregnant”, belonging to a series in which she has portrayed around 50 pregnant women in their homes. Even though the houses, circumstances and moments are different, she tries to reflect how the feeling of maternity brings them together.





Born in Kawagoe in 1976 and currently residing in Tokyo, where she has studied at Hosei University and at the Nippon Photography Institute.


Since 2007 she has exhibited her work at different venues in Tokyo, both solo or as part of collective exhibitions. In 2010 she received a special mention from the Canon New Cosmos of Photography.


She is represented in the current exhibition by pictures from her Atmosphere series, which she defines as follows: “We are born from the atmosphere. The amniotic liquid from our mother. The water we drink. We float on the sea. From ashes to snow, and to water. I wish to return to the air.”





Born in Yamaguchi-ken in 1967. After finishing his studies he worked as a DJ and lived for a short time in the US. In 2004 he started shooting with a Leica camera, focusing from that moment on black and white photography, and mainly on street photography.


He has taken part in many exhibitions in Japan and abroad, in countries such as Russia, Brazil, Singapore or Spain, among others.


He walks around the alleys, camera in hand, portraying all those things that are invisible to the naked eye, what is hidden behind the tavern doors, the night on the wrong side of the tracks, life on the street. Inside the dark booze joints of the city, after midnight, when people take off their masks, that is the moment when his camera shoots.





Born in Osaka in 1969. He works designing album covers, having collaborated with many important Japanese bands.


His work has been showcased in galleries in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, having taken part in collective projects as well.


His pictures included in the exhibition belong to a collective art installation called Mirrorbowler, in which mirrorballs became the main element in the works of each artist. The collective was formed in 2000 and worked on this project until 2009.





Born in Saitama in 1979, she graduated from the Department of Photography at the Nihon University College of Art.


She is featured in this exhibition with photos from her series on Kudaka Island, recently showcased at the Nikon Salon galleries in Tokyo and Osaka.


Kudaka is a small island located in the Okinawa prefecture. According to the legend, this is the place where ancestral god Ryukyu established his dynasty, being regarded therefore as the beginning of the world. This island, also known as the Island of Gods, is host to countless places considered sacred.





Born in Kyoto in 1981, he studied German literature and art in Tokyo.


He has taken part in both solo and collective exhibitions in several galleries in Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama. He was awarded in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Canon New Cosmos of Photography, and in the 30th edition of Hitotubo.


Sumi’s featured pictures reflect the feelings of Japanese society in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster. The characters in these images are lit up by sunlight, which is reflected in their hands or faces, and represent both the hope and fears of contemporary Japanese society.





With both Korean and Japanese roots, she was born in Tokyo, where she grew up in a multicultural environment. Se has lived in several countries, gaining through this experience a particular way to understand the world. She works both with photography and video art. Kana received the Kia award for best emerging artist (Korea, 2009) and other prizes such as the TagBoat Summer Award 2009 and the Artbox Photography Award 2006.


Regarding her pictures, she told us that in the project featured in this exhibition she tried to identify the things that surround us, and the way we interact with our environment. In this way, we will be able to recognize the feelings of others through a shared language. The photographer hopes that these images will bring about a therapeutic effect on viewers, who can, in a metaphorical way, relate to the pictures.


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